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Interim Adria is a human resources agency driven by experienced professionals. We are applying executive search methodology to the search and selection of middle and operational management. Entrepreneurial and relevant business experience enable us with a deeper understanding of client and candidate needs during the recruitment processes.

To the client we offer a specialized approach to the process of the search and selection of the best fitting talent for the vacancy. We believe that key to the successful search and selection process is a deep understanding of your needs, vison, strategy and values.

We are your partner in identifying the key characteristics and competencies and attracting of top performing candidates for the job.

Our core culture values that represent professional and personal compass as well are:

Trust. We believe that trust is the foundation of all relationships therefore we start to build it upon first contact. We expect the same in return.

Integrity. We do what we say and we stand by our word. Honesty, morality and ethics represent the cornerstones of our business relationships.

Professional approach. On every step of the way. Our process is performed according to the highest of industry standards, thereby ensuring clients and candidates achieve above average results.

Vision: To become your first choice and a trusted partner in recruitment process and other related HR challenges.

Igor Koščak


Igor Koščak is Director at Interim Adria d.o.o. His main focus is business development, search and selection of the candidates and consulting.

Igor’s professional career started as a HR consultant and continued as the head of HR consultants, later as regional director in global human resources agency. He continued his professional career as sales director at the largest Slovenian radio network and led the team of over 40 sales representatives in promotion and advertising solutions. Before founding Interim Adria, he was Sales and marketing director in the production company.

The desire to acquire new skills, experiences and personal growth led him to MBA education on the Cotrugli business school, where he gained the MBA title. Igor is the president of the Cotrugli Alumni club Slovenia for the last five years.

Fields of expertise: executive search, sales and marketing, production and logistics, human resource management, people management.

Igor consults and trains sales teams in the field of leadership, B2B and B2C Slovenian and global companies.


igor.koscak@interimadria.si / + 386 40 777 666

Anja Žibert

Business Development Manager

Anja Žibert is responsible for sales, brand promotion and headhunting. Years of experience in B2B / B2C sales in Slovenia and abroad, as well as work in the search and selection of key personnel, gave her a great basis for in-depth understanding of business partners from different industries and factors that influence individual's decisions. In her career, she was part of corporate as well as start-up organizational structures through which she gained a wealth of knowledge in the areas of team management and operational processes.

Specialized Areas: All areas of sales and marketing, both at the operational and strategic levels.

Anja takes care of the growth of the Interim Adria brand and the development of its business in the broadest sense. She believes that success is the result of perseverance, goal-setting, empathy, constant refinement of professional skills and, above all, the key value in trusting one another when connecting on business or personal level.


anja.zibert@interimadria.si / +386 70 448 443 / +386 597 07 600

Polona Mušič

Head of Search and Selection projects

At Interim Adria, Polona Mušič manages search and selection projects, where she is actively involved. As a psychologist with over 15 years of experience, she introduces a fresh, but above all, in-depth look into candidate's wishes, ambitions and holistic functioning.

Polona has working experience in fields of human resources, psychological assessment and organizational psychology. She started her career with work in the economy, where she took care of the growth and development of internal staff, while also providing staffing for clients. She also upgraded the field of employment and career counseling within the public sector, where she complemented position of career guide, with psychological assessments and selection procedures. While working, she constantly deepened and upgraded her competences in the fields of psychological knowledge, interviewing techniques and psychological assessments.

Specialized areas: psychological assessment, direct search and selection, headhunting, career counseling.


polona.music@interimadria.si / +386 70 333 328 / +386 597 07 600


Slovenia: Zaloška cesta 69, 1000 Ljubljana

Croatia: Šenoina 10, 10000 Zagreb

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