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In times when companies are facing larger reorganization procedures or reducing costs that result in dismissals, it is important that individuals, who are confronting a new situation, find a new job in the shortest time possible. Other employees should remain satisfied and motivated to work in order to keep the company competitive. Through outplacement, Interim Adria offers consulting and guidance to you as well as to your departing co-workers and employees.

Outplacement is a service that one can understand as a long-term investment, because the support that the company offers to dismissed colleagues enables it to remain a credible, ethical and trusted employer who considers its employees as a very important part of the company in which it is worth investing.

To those who are leaving the company, we offer career counseling, where we focus on the individual work experience, personal characteristics, needs and career goals.

At Interim Adria, we provide professional assistance and experienced consultants through the entire outplacement process. Through our holistic approach, we focus on each individual separately, encourage and direct their search for a new job and in-between maintain in them a high level of motivation and self-esteem. For our customer and their employees, we provide support for new challenges, help maintain a satisfactory level of productivity and thus ensure the success of the company.


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